Construction tape so you don’t have to work “by eye” anymore

Roulette body

A qualified craftsman, only after seeing the casing of the tape measure, can tell about its quality.
Naturally, plastic is a rather unreliable material for such a tool. Despite this, most roulettes are made from it. It's better to stick with a rubberized body. It fits comfortably in the hand and is pleasant to use. A dense rubberized insert at the output hole allows you to protect the tape from deformation and scratching of the protective layer that occurs due to contact of the measuring tape with the body.

Having looked at the photo of imported tape measures, you will note that the clamps that press the mechanism are arranged somewhat differently than in domestic analogues. When the web is braked, it is not subject to friction; the entire load falls on the drum located inside the wound tape.

High-precision tape measures are characterized by the presence of electronics located in the body itself. In this way, you can quickly measure the required length exactly to the millimeter.

A bubble level will also help improve the accuracy of measurements, allowing you to control the accuracy of laying building materials.

Based on the foregoing, despite all the variety in the catalog of measuring tapes, this tool must be selected carefully so that it serves its owner for a long time.

Construction tape measure body

The material from which the case is made determines how impact-resistant and durable it is. The housings of construction tapes are made of plastic, metal or rubberized. Rubber-coated cases are more impact-resistant than others, and also increase operating comfort - the tape measure fits snugly in the hand.

How to fix a dog leash?

In most cases, breakdown occurs due to the dog's too active movements. Jerking the leash leads to breaking off part of the spring, so the mechanism stops working. There are simple instructions on how to fix a tape measure for a dog:

Unscrew the screws and remove them. Squeeze out the body and divide it into two parts. If the problem is in the cord, then you just need to find the torn edge and fix it with a plug. If there is a problem with the coil, you need to open its middle by prying off the convex part with a screwdriver. Remove the broken spring bend

It is important to hold the remaining part of the spring in the coil with your thumb while performing all actions. Using pliers or tweezers, pry up the edge of the spring, heat it with a lighter and bend it so that it does not fall out of the core. Replace the lid and other parts to reassemble the dog tape measure.

Roulette repair

Repairing any tool begins with determining the cause of the breakdown. In order to highlight it, you need to disassemble the casing of the tape measure

It is important not to break anything during the process, since some parts of the device are usually small in size. The disassembly of the case is carried out in several steps:

You need to separate the two covers that make up the plastic case. To do this you need to unscrew the connecting bolts

Usually there are only four of them or less. Remove the lock that prevents the tape from reversing—sharp twisting. Carefully unwind the entire measuring tape. If there are no problems with the canvas, then it is enough to simply remove it from the hook. Open the coil to check the return spring.

The instructions are suitable for both disassembly and assembly. There is no need to think about how to put the tape measure back together; just repeat each step in reverse order. Instrument diagnostics begins during the disassembly process. In other words, the damage is visible immediately when you open the case. The most common reason is that the tape stops curling.

A spring that has jumped off its mounting point is easy to notice. To resume work, you need to return and secure the small tendril in its place, thereby attaching the mechanism. But it often happens that it turns out to be broken, or breaks right in your hands during repairs. In this case, you need to cut out a replacement part of the same shape, otherwise the functionality of the tape measure cannot be restored.

It is possible to attach the tendril to the spring only when removing it from the grooves of the coil. You need to take it out carefully, since the mechanism may be damaged during removal, or your hands may suffer from the sharp edges of the parts. The tendril is bent on a spring using pliers. But be sure to heat the metal before processing to avoid cracks and breaks. After which the spring can be returned to its place, carefully monitoring any kinks. There shouldn’t be any, otherwise it will easily come out of the grooves of the coil.

A broken spring due to bending will affect the operation of the tape measure. If the fracture occurs at the edge of the mechanism, the tool will still serve for some time. It’s just that the measuring tape will not be completely hidden inside the case, which will not harm the work. But in this case, repairing the device is only possible if there is minor damage. If the spring bursts in the middle, then the tape measure will have to be replaced with a new one.

If the hook breaks, then a new tongue is cut out - from metal or plastic. Its dimensions should be taken into account so as not to cover the measurement scales. You can use any handy material that is suitable for hardness and flexibility. It is fixed in place of the old one using bolts or construction glue.

Another reason is the age of the roulette wheel. In this case, the measuring tape will not roll inward due to corrosion. The canvas is metal, so without proper care it will become rusty. It is almost impossible to clean it. But in case of simple contamination with dust and dirt, the tape can simply be wiped.

Assembling the tape measure with your own hands is almost exactly the same as it was disassembled

It is important to ensure that the spring does not protrude above the edges of the coil. Be sure to attach the tape so that the marks are on the reverse side

This way, the divisions will not wear off with frequent use.

All the advantages and disadvantages of measuring tapes

Each of the types of roulette listed above has corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing the appropriate type of measuring device, it will be useful to know what pros and cons it has.

  1. Tape measures with fiberglass tape are safer than metal tape. Fiberglass is lightweight, and due to the softness of this material, it is convenient to use a tape measure to perform not only linear, but also angular measurements with minimal errors. The main disadvantage of fiberglass tape is that over time it tends to stretch and wear out, so it is not suitable for frequent use. Rewinding of fiberglass tapes is carried out manually or using electric drives

  2. Tape measures with metal blades have a low degree of safety, since a person can easily get hurt by the sharp edges of the tape. However, such devices are not subject to stretching, and automatic rewinding is realized through a simple spring steel mechanism
  3. Laser versions of roulettes are characterized by high performance and accuracy, but their main drawback is their high cost. In addition, you should work with the tool carefully, and do not allow them to fall from a height or be hit, which leads to their failure. Few people know that, unlike a conventional tape measure, laser tape measures are capable of measuring only and exclusively linear surfaces. During operation, batteries need to be replaced. Based on the above disadvantages, we can conclude that it is rational to purchase laser tape measures

  4. Digital roulette models have not gained popularity due to their high cost, but they have a clear advantage over conventional options - displaying readings on the display. This ability eliminates the possibility of making a mistake when reading readings on the tape scale. During operation, batteries also need to be periodically replaced, but in the event of a malfunction, measurements can be read using a tape scale

When using a tool in aggressive conditions, the tape coating wears out. To prevent abrasion, a polyester or polyamide coating is applied to the surface of the metal tape.

This is interesting!
The roulette cloth is painted predominantly yellow, which is a signal color. This allows you to control the position of the tape at a remote distance.

How to choose a tape measure for a dog?

There are several tips from experts that should be taken into account when choosing.

The device buttons should work well, not be loose or stick. For them to work, the owner does not have to make serious efforts when pressing. A roulette leash for large dogs, and for small ones too, must have a high-quality carabiner

It is important that it matches the size of the pet, but is not too heavy and does not interfere with its movement. It is good if the carabiner has a swivel, which ensures rotation of its parts, which will prevent the tape from twisting. It is better to choose tape measures for dogs that have a rubberized body.

Such a device will be comfortable to hold in your hand, and it will not slip out during sudden movements of the animal.

Double tape measure for dogs

Owners of two animals do not need to buy separate leashes, since there is an excellent alternative - a double roulette

Such a product can withstand weight up to 22 kg, which is important to consider, because if the weight of two pets is above this limit, the mechanism will quickly fail. The tape measure for two dogs has a rotation system, so the straps will not get tangled

Manufacturers paint the ribbons in different colors to match the buttons, making them easier to operate.

Reflective tape measure for dogs

On the market you can find versions of tape measures, the belt of which is made of durable reflective material. In most cases it is colored bright yellow. Reflective dog leashes are ideal for those who walk their dog in the dark. It can be used to control your pet, providing additional safety.

Repair of a measuring tape due to a faulty spring

When a spring on a tool fails, there is often nothing to replace it with. As a result, the measuring device becomes unusable. To avoid having to throw away the tape measure, it can be repaired. It will not be possible to restore the spring's functionality, so it can be disposed of immediately.

This is interesting!
Alternatively, you can restore a roulette spring damaged in half using a piece of steel plate.
With its help, sections of the spring are connected, after making holes with a drill. Rivets should be used as connectors. Next, we’ll look at how to make a manual drive from a tape measure with a return spring. The process of manufacturing a manual drive for roulette involves performing the following manipulations:

  1. The handle is made of steel plate. On both sides of the plate it is necessary to make holes with a diameter of 6 mm for bolts
  2. A short M6 bolt with a 10mm wrench is installed in one hole and secured on the other side with a nut
  3. Install a long bolt (5-7 cm) into the second hole. It will play the role of a shaft on which the tape will be wound
  4. Make a slot along the leg of a long bolt at a distance of 3-4 cm. Before making a slot with a grinder, screw the nut
  5. Drill a hole in the tape measure body and install the resulting handle
  6. Secure the fabric in the slot, which will allow it to be wound manually
  7. Close the housing with a lid
  8. On the back side of the body, screw the nut onto the protrusion of the bolt, fixing the handle in a stationary position.

As a result, in this way you can restore the functionality of a tape measure on which the spring has failed. The method is simple and does not require any costs other than making the handle. Knowing how to repair a tape measure with your own hands, you can begin to restore the functionality of your faulty devices.

This is interesting!
Even if the measuring plate is damaged during operation, the damaged section can be cut out and connected to the spring.

Main design elements

Despite its small size and obvious purpose, the roulette device, especially its highly professional models, has a complex design. In a tape measure, the main element is a measured piece of steel strip made of another, durable but elastic material. In professional instruments used for field measurements, these can be strips of carbon fiber, fiberglass sheets, or thickened stainless wire with a meter scale printed on it. Tools are available with a fabric measuring tape with a centimeter scale printed on it

All of these devices use a different scale, so when measuring, the accuracy class of the tape measure is taken into account, because the error when working with a steel tape will be less than with a tape made of fabric or tarpaulin

The measuring tape, like other structural elements, is located inside the housing. In most modern devices, the housing is made of impact-resistant plastic. But there are also copies with a metal case made of stainless steel. Cases are compact, open or closed. The compact size of the case is used for tape measures of 1 and 3 meters in length. The open case is used for special geodetic tape measures, the length of which is 50 and 100 meters.

For operation, it is important that the device includes a mechanism for winding up the measuring strip or simply a tape measure mechanism. In older models, this role was played by a rotating drum on which the tape was wound

And such a drum was driven using a folding handle. For construction tapes with a length of 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters, the mechanism is most often spring-loaded today - when unlocked, it automatically winds the tape back into the body.

A hook is installed at the end of the measuring strip. In different models it has a special appearance. For ordinary construction tapes, this is a metal tip in the form of an angle with one or more slots. There are tips in the form of a metal bracket or even with an installed carabiner, and professional logger tapes are also equipped with a hook for fixing in the wood.

There are several buttons – latches – installed on the body of automatic roulettes. They are used to block the mechanism for rolling up the measuring tape so that during operation the tape does not uncontrollably wind up into the housing. If you remove the strip lock, it will automatically go into the housing.

The hitchhiking device is designed for quick but controlled rolling of the web to the desired length

This is very important especially when one person operates the device.

The design of a measuring tape, especially modern models, has a number of additional components that make working with it easier.

First of all, additional equipment includes:

  • Built-in flashlight is an indispensable feature for working in dimly lit areas;
  • Clip – a device that allows you to install it on a belt, quickly remove and put it on;
  • Strap – allows you to hang the instrument on a hook for storage or carry it on your wrist.
  • Laser pointer - allows you to use a bright beam to form a point on an object so that the tape measures the shortest distance in a straight line, and not the relief;
  • Pencil holder - allows you to use this measuring device to draw circles without using a compass;
  • Magnets on the hook and body - allow you to fix the tape on metal objects and free your hands for other work.

The measuring instrument and the secrets hidden in its design

Many masters use tape measures for a long time, and do not know all the secrets of this tool. To improve the quality and convenience of the manipulations, we will consider the main structural elements that have a dual purpose.

  1. Hook — at the end of the metal sheet there is a steel tip, which limits the possibility of winding up the tape. The tip is attached to the canvas using several rivets, through which a movable connection is provided. The hook serves not only as a limiter, but also as a hook, by means of which the edge of the tape is fixed to the part, making it possible to measure large items or objects independently. As for the play in the hook, which is why many people think that the tape measure is defective, it is designed specifically to increase the accuracy of measurements. How is this achieved? When the tape hooks onto the protrusion of the part, it is pulled back. As a result, the measurement is made from the zero mark, without taking into account the thickness of the toe. If it is necessary to measure not the outer surface, but the inner one (for example, a window or doorway), then the hook is recessed into the canvas due to the backlash, which also makes it possible to measure from the zero mark. The tip can be magnetized, which also simplifies the operation of the device when working with metal workpieces

  2. Cutout at the toe. A special cutout on the metal plate is designed to secure the blade to the head of a nail or self-tapping screw.

    However, this cutout can be used to draw circles of different sizes. The principle of using a cutout is based on the fact that you should initially screw a screw into the center of the future circle. A hook with a cutout in a circle will move along the head of the screw. After this, we determine the diameter of the future circle, and extend the tape to the appropriate distance, followed by fixing it with a button. A pencil is inserted into a special mount (if there is no mount, the pencil can be fixed with adhesive tape or electrical tape, or you can use part of a compass), and a circle is drawn.

    A full-fledged compass cannot replace a tape measure, but when it is necessary to obtain a circle of large diameter, then it is quite possible to do this with this device

  3. Indication of the length of the device body. When examining several models of tape measures, you can see that on some devices only the total length of the tape is indicated. On other models there are additional designations represented by a digital value in millimeters (with additional arrows in both directions).

    This designation means that it is possible to orient not only by the total length of the tape, but also by the distance of the housing. The convenience of such a designation on the body is manifested by eliminating the need to bend the tape to take readings. When the tape bends, its wear accelerates, so the presence of a housing length designation is a great advantage that can increase the service life of the tool

  4. Teeth on the toe. In addition to the protrusion at the beginning of the measuring blade, the metal plate has two teeth (if they are missing, you can make them yourself using a triangular file). Few people think about what they are intended for. Their purpose is quite simple and very convenient. The teeth are used to make scratches or marks, which is especially convenient when measuring long distances with a short tape measure

  5. Dividing the workpiece into parts — very often, after measuring with a tape measure, it becomes necessary to divide the part into two or more parts. Many do this by dividing the resulting value by 2, or however many equal parts you need to get. However, roulette simplifies the implementation of this procedure. To do this, you need to position the tape so that it ends with a whole number, that is, if the length of the workpiece is 18 cm, then you need to position the tape diagonally so that the 20 cm mark is adjacent to the edge. After this, a mark is made at the value of 10 cm, allowing you to divide the workpiece in half

The presence of a built-in flashlight allows you to take measurements at night or in low light, thereby increasing the accuracy of measurements. A flashlight or backlight illuminates the tape, so the technician can only record the readings.

This is interesting!
The design of roulettes can use built-in displays that display the length of the extended blade from the instrument body. Such instruments not only increase the accuracy of measurements, but are also very convenient to use, since the need to read readings is eliminated.

Electronic measuring tape

Not so long ago, new types of construction tapes appeared - these are ultrasonic and laser tapes.

As the name suggests, an ultrasonic tape measure uses ultrasound to measure distance. It is compact, easy to use, but not accurate in operation.

A laser tape measure is an accurate and multifunctional tool that allows you not only to measure the distance from point to point, but also immediately allows you to calculate the perimeter and volume. But due to the rather high cost, laser roulette remains the preserve of professionals.

When choosing a construction tape measure, you should first of all decide: for what work it is needed and how often the tape measure will be used. If a tape measure is needed for constant, professional work, then you should give preference to high-quality, branded products or a laser tape measure. If you need a tape measure for domestic use, then a regular no-frills tool will do.

Taking measurements and making accurate markings are important stages of construction or installation work. To perform such operations, a construction tape is used. A convenient measuring device, consisting of a housing in which a flexible tape with divisions, rolled into a roll, and a special winding mechanism is placed, can be found in any household.

They come in small sizes, suitable for indoor measurements or short distances. The length of the measuring tape in such tape measures is from 1 to 10 meters. And there are tape measures for measuring large distances or volumes, where the length of the measuring tape varies from 10 to 100 meters. The longer the measuring tape, the more massive the construction tape.


I won’t be mistaken if I say that most often a radio amateur holds a caliper in his hands, followed by a ruler and a micrometer, but a tape measure, especially a 5-meter one, is a rarity. But now I needed it. I remember that I was somewhere, some...

Found. Yes, it is there, but it will be very difficult to use. The first thought was to cut off the defective meter, and the whole thing was not long enough. The truth will be no longer 5 meters, but only 4. This is the least of the inconveniences. But the need to constantly remember that, for example, 3m 47cm on a measuring tape will actually mean less and can be forgotten. In short, marriage in work is sooner or later guaranteed.

Thoughtfully, I disassembled the tape measure for inspection, cleaning and lubrication. There are no hopeless situations in repairs. So, if you wish, you can always find a way out of the current predicament. If only I could “turn on my brains.”

Indeed, while I was putting everything in order, I remembered that on the drum the length of the measuring tape is usually much longer (especially on multi-meter tape measures) and after the marked area there is still a margin of up to half a meter in length. I confidently unwound the drum with the intention of cutting off the missing piece of 12 centimeters from the excess and attaching it to the beginning of the tape, but I did not find what I was looking for. The margin was very insufficient to shorten it. Just 15 centimeters at most. No luck though.

I assembled a cleaned tape measure with a lubricated return spring and decided to act in a somewhat absurd manner at first glance. The addition to the missing section of the tape should not be made in the form of the beginning of the measuring tape, but rather in the form of its holder (like a handle). To do this, I selected a piece of non-rigid plastic of the appropriate width, 2 mm thick and suitable fasteners for this case.

Tips for use

To prevent the tape measure from breaking for a long time, you need to follow a few simple rules.

  • The rewinding spring mechanism will last longer if you protect the spring from sudden jerks when using the tape for full ejection.
  • After finishing the measurements, wipe the tape from dust and dirt so that the mechanism does not clog.
  • The hook-tip has a slight play for accurate measurements. To prevent it from increasing, you should not wind up the tape measure with a click. When it hits the body, the tip becomes loose, which creates an error in the measurement of up to several millimeters, and can also lead to the toe being torn off.
  • The plastic case does not withstand impacts on a hard surface, so you should protect the tape measure from falls.

To learn how to repair a measuring tape, watch the video below.

An ordinary construction tape, the tape does not wind back, how to repair a tape measure.

Without opening the “patient” it is difficult to say. The spring may have burst, the ruler may be too clogged, or there may be no connection between the ruler and the spring.

Well, let's start by disassembling the casing of the measuring tape. On some models, you will first have to remove the rubber cover from the case and under it you will find bolts holding the two halves of the case together. We unscrew them.

Inside you will see a locking button with strips that jam the tape and a reel itself, inside of which there is a return spring, and a measuring tape is wound on the outside. Unwind the measuring tape from the outside of the spool. Wash it from dust, dirt and resins. Check it for fractures and kinks. The measuring tape of a tape measure has a semicircular profile (if you look at its cut from the end) and, unfortunately, if a sharp bend occurs, not a ruler of tape measures of the average price category, no longer restores its profile and the place of the bend will remain and will interfere with the retraction of the tape.

Inspect the spring located inside the coil disk. It is better not to pull it out if it is not damaged - the tendril with which the spring clings to the slot in the central rod of the reel is intact and the “hangers” with which the spring holds the measuring tape are intact. You can rinse the spring directly in the coil by placing it in gasoline. But you can also try to revive a broken spring. Most often the spring breaks near the rod. And this is precisely what prevents the tape from retracting - the spring simply does not work.

If the tendril is broken off, you can make it on a spring with another one of the same geometry. The springs vary in stiffness; for some I just made a new tendril with pliers without heating them, but some need to be heated - they break when cold. Having made the same tendril, insert it into the rod and “charge” the spring. Winding a ruler around the outside of the reel. turn the charged spring several turns so that the ruler hook, located at the zero mark, is pressed against the collar with barely perceptible pressure. Reassemble the tape measure body in reverse order.

It happens that the “hangers” come off or bend.

This often happens when the ruler is pulled sharply and all the way out. After this, the tape simply crawls along the reel, although the spring works normally, but there is no clutch between them. The hangers can be cut with metal scissors. In some tape measures, you can simply solder the spring and the watering can together, making longitudinal grooves with a grinder in one of them for better solder bonding.

A measuring tape is a very popular tool that construction, installation, plumbing and many other types of work cannot do without. Its principle of operation is quite simple, however, this mechanism also malfunctions and sometimes breaks. A specialist will tell you how to repair a measuring tape - what types of breakdowns there are and how they can be eliminated.

Breakdowns and features of instrument repair

Although the tool in question is a simple device, even the most expensive models can fail during operation. Although a mechanical tape measure is relatively inexpensive, why buy a new one when you can try to repair the old one.

Most often, the malfunction is associated with the tape winding mechanism. As a result, it turns out that the canvas stretches to the required length, but when the latch is reset, it does not return to its original position. This phenomenon occurs for the following reasons:

  1. When the tape comes off the spring from a loose connection
  2. When a spring breaks. The spring steel plate may be damaged during use.
  3. Spring jumping off the pin to which it is fixed
  4. Formation of a break in the tape

The method of troubleshooting depends on the specific cause of the malfunction. To find out what caused the impossibility of winding the tape on the tape measure, you should disassemble the device and visually check it. This is done as follows:

  1. Disassemble the tool body. It consists of two identical parts, which are fixed with fasteners. The number of tool mounts in each model is different, which is not important. If your construction tape has a rubber coating on top of the plastic case, then it must be removed to gain access to the fasteners

  2. Unscrew the screws and remove the blocker designed to limit reverse movement
  3. Unwind the tape and check the serviceability of its connection with the spring

  4. Open the coil where the return spring itself is located. Be careful when opening, as the spring may unwind on its own.

Now you can find the cause of the breakdown and fix it yourself. This is not difficult to do, but the steps will differ depending on the type of breakdown.

  1. If the spring has jumped off the rod, it should be replaced. However, such a breakdown is extremely rare.

  2. If the breakdown is associated with the junction of the tape and the return spring, then the corresponding tongue should be cut to connect them. To do this, it is recommended to use metal scissors.
  3. If the fastening of the measuring tape is damaged, you can make a new hole using a chisel and hammer. It is necessary to make the slot carefully so that it turns out in class=”aligncenter” width=”800″ height=”450″[/img]
  4. If the fastening antenna of the spring band is damaged, then a new bend should be made. To do this you need to use pliers. If you try to simply bend a steel spring, it will burst, so you should first heat the metal in the place of future bending
  5. If the spring bursts in the middle, then it is no longer suitable for use. It should be replaced, and if there is nothing, then there is a way to extend the life of a faulty tape measure

The process of repairing a tape measure is not difficult and takes little time. When assembling, do not rush, as you need to carefully wind it onto the drum. After the spring is wound onto the drum, it should be connected to the measuring tape. After this, you need to completely wind up the fabric and assemble the tool body.

Types of roulettes and their features

For many professions, both ordinary universal measuring tapes and highly professional measuring instruments are used. Professional roulettes are developed taking into account the peculiarities of its use by qualified workers and working conditions. Thus, to measure terrain, both traditional geodetic instruments and new types of measuring instruments are used - electron-optical rangefinders. And although the accuracy of electronics is higher, the distance can only be correctly measured taking into account the terrain using a geodetic tape measure with a scale division of 0.5 or 1 meter.

For lumberjack work, a special lumberjack tape measure is used. Its design provides an additional carabiner on the body for fixing it on a worker’s belt. And at the end of the measuring tape there is a special metal tip, which makes it possible to quickly fix the edge on the log.

Construction tapes usually have a double scale - in centimeters and millimeters and in inches. The tape is usually 2 cm wide and the scale is printed in bright contrasting colors to make it easier to find the value on the scale.

Types of roulette malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

With constant use, most tape measures show similar faults - a broken spring or a broken measuring tape. In the first case, you need to disassemble the housing and replace the spring with a new one, or, after removing the broken edge, simply insert it back into place.

If the measuring tape breaks, you can remove the first meter with the scale and attach the hook to 0 of the second meter. However, when working with such a tape measure, you need to be careful and remember that the measurement starts at 100 cm.

How does roulette work?

A construction tape is a compact measuring device. It consists of a flexible tape with unit markings, a twisting mechanism and a housing that holds the entire structure. The standard length can be from 1-10 meters to 100 m. The longer the tape measure, the larger its body.

The device of a construction tape measure is quite simple. The basis is a flexible tape with marked divisions in different units of measurement. It is made of flexible metal or plastic. The scale has millimeter, centimeter and meter marks. Subsequently, the canvas is painted.

The edge of the tape is marked with a concave sheet with additional metal or magnetic reinforcement. This is a mandatory condition due to which the rigidity of the tape measure is achieved. The concavity also makes it easier to take single measurements: the edge easily clings to any surface, allowing the tape to stretch. The hook is used to fix the tape measure at the reference point from which the measurement begins. Some models have a button that prevents the tape from rewinding, or performs this operation independently.

Understanding how to make a tape measure is not difficult. The operating principle is based on rolling the measuring tape into a roll around a reel. Construction tapes can be classified according to the method of winding:

  • Manual method. Often these are devices with large footage, used in geodesy and large-scale construction. The fabric is wound onto a reel using a lever. Manual work significantly increases the life of the measuring tape. It unwinds gradually, without being erased by sudden automatic rolling.
  • Mechanically return method. The most common type of roulette. The device is a return spring placed on a reel. A common cause of breakdown: loose hook, erased divisions and bending of the tape.
  • Electronic drive. Roulettes equipped with a special motor are often specialized. They are also additionally equipped with a function for calculating results displayed on a small monitor.

Each type has pros and cons, but any mechanism fails sooner or later. You can make the necessary repairs yourself by determining the cause of the problem.

Common problems

The design of the tool is quite simple, but it can easily break. The most serious failure is associated with a defect in the main function. The measuring tape stops rewinding, making work difficult. You can fix it yourself; for this it is important to know how to disassemble the tape measure. Most often, this problem occurs in devices with mechanical tape return.

There may be several reasons why the tape does not curl on its own. Before starting repairs, it is necessary to establish the exact factor:

  • the canvas broke from the spring;
  • fell asleep, or the spring burst;
  • a break in the fabric has occurred.

In addition to a typical breakdown, there are a number of other reasons why a tool needs to be replaced or repaired:

  • broken toe;
  • loss of spring flexibility;
  • failure of the tape clamp stopper;
  • erased markings.

In any of these cases there is a possibility of repair. No special knowledge is required on how to make a tape measure.

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